How to Find Top Sports Agents And Sign The Best Sports Contract Possible (Video)

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    In this session, Pro Athlete 360 sits down with pro basketball player Demetrius Nelson to talk about finding an agent.  There is a lot that goes into finding the right agent, and you need to be very careful when choosing one because choosing an agent can make or break your career.  You want to do some reasearch and then ask questions to the agent to check that he knows what he is talking about.  How many American players can play in certain countries and specific leagues is something an agent should know.  What are certain countries and leagues paying American players is another important factor that the agent should have some what of an idea. 

     You want to make sure that the agent has had successful clients, but it is critical that you find an agent that does not have too many players that he represents because then it will become evident at somepoint in your career that you are not your agent's main focus and that cannot happen.  The most important thing to know is that you should never pay your agent to represent you to teams in overseas basketball.  In overseas professional basketball if the team owners and managers want you they will pay your agent for you once you have signed with them.  Some agents out there ask for money up front and that is a clear indicator that they are not legit.  They need to be working for you, finding you a job, once they do that they will get their cut and it will not be from you pockets!  Of course you do not need an agent, it is not mandatory and some players do not have one, but then you need some close contacts that are reliable.



Basketball Video Transcription:  At the end of my college career, fortunately for me I had a great senior season, I did really well. As soon as the season was done, actually before the season was done I was being approached by a lot of agents talk to me about playing professional basketball. And that process is pretty much the same as your college recruiting process, you get calls from 1 million different agents and pretty much you just have to feel them out whichever one you think you have a comfortable feel with his big. Also with that when choosing an agent you have to look at how many clients does your agent have, what areas do they focus things like that because you don't want an agent that has 1 million clients and they're really not going to be giving you the attention that you need or that you require. You have to have somebody who's really going to push you to get jobs because at the end of the day that's what it's really about his getting jobs and getting money, that is definitely key.


     Once I made that decision to go with an agent it was a little bit easier after that because I had an idea of who I was going to be with and what was going to be the next step to take. As far as paying for an agent does is different because if you're going to the NBA then you have to pay an agent, I'm not sure the exact figures but it may be anywhere from 4 to 10% of your contract am not too sure you can quote me on that line. But I know as far as say you're playing ball overseas you don't have to pay your agent anything, the way it works is what every team you lay for the team is going to pay your agent 10% of what you're going to make, so in that sense you have to worry about any money coming out of your pockets so pretty much you just have to go over there and play.





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