College Basketball Recruiting in 2016: Important Topics to Cover on Your College Visit (Video)

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This interview with a former division one, and professional basketball player gives insight and advice into college basketball recruiting 2013. If you are looking for a sports scholarship to college, things like aau basketball are helpful, but aau basketball is not the only activity needed to solidify a college basketball scholarship.  In order to join the elite ranks of high school athletes who earn athletic scholarships, understanding the complete recruiting process, knowing what to ask, and being keen on what to expect in certain situations will provide valuable to you when the time comes.  Watch the interview to receive insider advice on how to get a basketball scholarship to college.


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Basketball Video Transcription:  The typical process for recruiting, depending on the level of player that you are can start from 8th grade on, the key definitely is getting into AAU and getting that exposure outside of your high school team, you need that exposure because AAU is the best of the best and just to get that exposure through that, your season is during their season so they can get out as much to see you play, but during April through August, the college coaches are able to come out and see you play and that's where AAU is the biggest key and that's where as a player you want to play AAU especially if you think you are one of the best of the best.


Things you want to look out for as your being recruited.


If you're the type of player, you want to be a starter on the next level, you want to look and see if “is the position I’m coming into, is that player a senior or is he getting ready to go to the NBA, is he going to leave early?” That's basically one of the main things you want to look for especially because you don't want to go to the next level and come off the bench necessarily or be a bench player and get spot minutes. So you want to look and see and am I really going to be able to contribute to being that good player, that great player on the next level.


Also, you want to look at what kind of school is it, does it have that type of degree or major that I want to major in, is it a good field to go into? Those are 2 of the biggest keys and you want to talk to other players and just see, do the coaches actually take care of you and are they actually there or do they treat you like a family when you do get to that next level, because you're still young, you're coming out of high school, you're just new to this and you don't want to just be thrown into this and basically be on your own, you're going to need that help through the coaches. They're basically your parents on that next level for the 1st couple years until you get adjusted, that's basically the one of the 2 or 3 keys when you are being recruited by a University. And also you want to get a full scholarship see you want to know that your schooling is paid for, for the next 4 years.


Regardless of whether you stay there the whole time, you want to know that you can go to school for free and as long as you put in the hard work and the practice hours that your schooling is going to be paid for.  

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