An Inside Look Into the Practice Schedule for Overseas Basketball Teams

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     Here we get an inside look on the life of a pro basketball player overseas in Europe.  The practice schedules and the time put into basketball is time consuming.  After all, it is a job at that point.  However, how are practice schedules organized and put together in a day?  How do teams balance skill work development, training and conditioning, and team practices?  What goes on in individuals as compared to team practices and how much time involved?  What time of day do certain practices occur and how do players adjust.  All of these questions and many more are answered in this professional basketball Pro Athlete 360 Podcast with pro basketball player Demetrius Nelson.  Demetrius Nelson just wrapped up his season in KAPFENBERG, AUSTRIA where he played for the ECE Bulls Kapfenberg.  Whether you are a professional basketball player yourself looking to find a new place to play, or are an amateur hoping to reach the professional ranks, this podcast can help shine light on what to expect and what is demanded of you at the professional basketball level in Europe, and specifically in Austria. 





Basketball Video Transcription:  We do a lot in the beginning, we would run a lot of sets. As we begin to progress closer towards the season, that's when we started really doing the 5 and 5, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, just running the ball up. We didn't really do too much conditioning as far as running sprints and suicides but without our conditioning you much of scrimmage, running up and down, going hard that's how we got our conditioning. It's just pretty much In the beginning will probably practice for about 2 hours a little bit over that, then towards the end of the season we had to cut back because we had so many games, and we would play and practice so much, we went down to probably about an hour or an hour and a half. In the beginning practices were more practicing our skills, you work on your ballhandling, you work on your spin moves, you work on your dribbling, on your shooting and then after that after of the youth of would use those types of things every night, pretty much the fundamentals we would get into running sets and that's what working on our skills, and our habits and making sure that you getting your reps and. We watch game film of air, not a great deal but we did it more than I've had so far since being over here. One day our coach asked this game tape on the team we were about to play and just watch their sets and get a chance to see how they are, how they play. A typical day for me would be to a days, we would have 2 practices. I would wake up, get a little bite to eat, I would get up really early maybe around 8 AM or 8:30 AM and our 1st practice would be around 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Then we would practice for an hour and a half, and after that practice we would shower we would normally have the meal set up for us then after the meal we would do some grocery shopping for the house. All that both players know we need to get our rest, we would get a quick little nap. Typically it did change from time to time but normally we would practice at 730 at night. We would practice from 730 until 9 PM, and after that that's when I would get an extra workout, probably work on some other stuff, some moves, some things I felt like I just needed to work on with my shot if it wasn't feeling right maybe in their shooting jumpers and free throws whatever I needed to work on at the time. Even practices were more so team oriented because in the beginning in the morning practices we did have our whole team, because over here we would have some of the guys who have school, even some of the older guys they might be in university. It would mostly be the Americans at the morning practice with probably 2 Austrians with us. So in the morning, It’s more so of you working on some of the things that we do as far as in our team system but at the same time it’s more so dear to wards individual type things because in the evening time it would be more like team stuff, working on plays, that cohesiveness and trying to get our timing down as a group. Over here I think it’s different because you can have a kid, as soon as he gets done with high school, actually it could be in high school and he could be playing pro ball, they would be on it at a young age. Whereas at home you have high school and then you can go to college and then you probably going to the professional ranks, but overhear you can be 17, 18 years old they be playing pro ball for the rest of your life.






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