An American Pro Basketball Reference: Overseas Basketball Teams Do Not Play The Same (Video)

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  So what are the differences between the NBA player and the Euro League Player?  How are the rules different?  How are the playing styles different?  How is the coaching different?  How do you compare the skill level and athleticism?  How do you compare the speed of the game?  We answer all these and more as we talk with pro basketball player Jermaine Johnson.  Johnson breaks down the differences from him playing in the NBDL, Mexico, and Portugal.  There are many things to learn and prepare for if you want to become a professional basketball player and every country is different.  Listen up so you can understand some of the biggest differences between international basketball versus american basketball and get the inside perspective from a player who has been there.





  Basketball in Mexico vs. America

      Basketball Video Transcription:   In America, we’re the NBA guys, we like to go fast, we like to do a lot of show stopping stuff, Mexico is basically the same way. It’s like, get the ball to your star player and let him do what he does. They do run plays but if something goes bad, give the ball to the star guy and just open it up and isolate him at the top of the key. There were plenty of games where it was “give the ball to me,” I was running point guard through center. I played all 5 down there in Mexico, I played the wing, I did everything. It was “give me the ball” and isolate, and I would go to work. I was out there on the wing shooting 3s, coming off of screens. I mean I did everything, everything I had learned from young coming on up just came in handy, I was out there just doing everything, bringing the ball up the court and there was a lot of isolation stuff for me out in Mexico, so it’s really just a one on one thing. That’s what America is like, we like one on one, blazaam, flashy type stuff. That’s how that is, but there’s a big difference. See the rules in Mexico were basically the same in America, except for the player can’t call a timeout, the coaches have to call a timeout. That’s the only difference.


Different Styles of Play in Europe and America

    In Portugal and in Europe, it’s a slower type game, it’s a “hey let’s set up,” everybody can shoot 3s, EVERYBODY. From the point guard to the last guy on the bench to the water boy, everybody can shoot 3s, it’s ridiculous. Everybody is a 3 point shooter, everybody is a 3 point threat, everybody has the fundamental skills, sometimes in America we lack fundamental skills, I mean you see Dwight Howard is JUST learning fundamental skills now, learning footwork and things like that now. In Europe, EVERY player has fundamental footwork and is fundamentally sound, and that’s why a lot of the time when they come from Europe and they come to America, they can play and they outplay some of the Americans, like Manu Ginobili. You see he brought that Euro step to America and now everybody is trying to learn that. You know he’s Argentinean, he’s South American, he brought that to America. Wow, when you learn stuff like that, it helps you out, you’ve got to be fundamentally sound to be able to do stuff. Dirk Nowitski, Dirk is 7 foot, shooting 3s, his footwork is amazing. When you get your footwork down, you become a better player, you become more of a threat.


Basketball Rules in Europe

     In Europe, you have to learn a different move. If you watch the NBA, you watch Kobe, he does a jab step, jab step and then he just goes with it, you can’t do that. In Europe, you jab step and go, that’s a travel. If you catch the ball, and don’t go immediately, that’s a travel. If you go down the court, you catch a rebound and take a step, that’s a travel. They called a travel on me, I couldn’t do a spin move in the post anymore. The spin move drop step I used to do, I can’t do that, they call that a travel. They said there’s no way anybody could turn a 180 without travelling. This is what the refs were saying.




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