A Slam Dunk Champion Explains How To Become A Professional Basketball Player Through Individual Basketball Drills (Video)

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      In this interview professional basketball player and winner of multiple international slam dunk contests, Marlon Jules, introduces himself and gives insight into how he became a great basketball player.  Marlon grew up playing ball in France. He has strong opinions into why european basketball players are different than american basketball players, and explains some of the processes that go on in overseas basketball that are not the same in the states. 

     For instance, basketball in Europe is not played at the collegiate level.  Rather, Europe has club teams which filter through players at all levels.  plyoboxesBasketball Players in their teens can play pro basketball and at the same time men in their late thirties can have a paid basketball career.  It is quite a different system than basketball in America. 

      Marlon Jules is well known for his incredible jumping ability, but he also possesses an extremely high basketball IQ, and has excellent fundamentals and shooting ability. Along with having an incredible drive to excel, and coaches along the way who played in the NBA, the biggest key to MArlon's success is that he is a student of the game.  As Marlon states, "Basketball is not just a game.  To me, basketball is life." 




Basketball Video Transcription:  I started touching the ball when I was 4, because my big brother was a ballplayer, but he was playing in Haiti. The thing is, I really started playing when I came to Paris with my mom, with my former team, over here so the thing is they recruited me at school. I started playing at school, so they came to me and trying to see where I live, then they started talking to my mom saying that I had potential. So I started playing with them, so I really started playing on a formal team, I started at 8.

      While I was playing with the guys my age, I was also playing at the same time 2 teams up, one and 2 years more than me. So I was playing with 3 teams at the same time. It put me in the high competition straight up, so it was more quick for me to learn the real basketball because the coach we had was really into euro play, the real ball, so you had to learn things quick. The thing is with the professional team that we had at the same time, I had 2 of my friends were two ex-NBA guys. So they came down, they were my mom's good friends so during the weekend, we had time we didn't have practice, we would be on the court all day. You know the basics, the shooting drills, positioning of hands, the steps, they were already showing me how to use picks to go to the basket straight. This is how put my game really always trying to inside after picks or playing my guys or make the defenders come to me and giving easy passes, they would always make me learn that stuff straight away.






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