A Pro Basketball Workout Routine: Daily Shooting Drills for The Basketball Warm Up

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     Your mental and physical approach to your daily basketball practice routine directly determines how successful you will be and how good you are as a player.  Take it from a living pro basketball reference on this subject. Consistancy is the name of the game at the professional level.  Developing and fine tuning precise muscle memory starts as soon as you lace up your shoes and walk on the court.  If you want to play professionally you have to look at your body and your brain as a machine and a super advanced computer.  It is your job to perfect the exact form needed in your shooting, dribbling, etc., and then to repeat that same motion over and over again.  This way you are teaching your body one way, and you are eliminating variables in your form and technique. 


     In this instructional, a pro basketball player is going to break down why he doesn't work his way out to the free throw line before he gets hundreds and hundreds of reps up under, around, and near the basket in the paint.  If you cannot hit twenty shots in a row close by the basket, you will not be able to do it from a distance.  Even more, if you cannot hit twenty shots near the basket without hitting rim, then you will miss the farther you step back.  A shot may be off by an inch a foot away from the basket, but as you take a couple steps back, that inch becomes several inches.  The farther you step out, then the more off the shot becomes.  Perfect your shooting form with consistant form close by the basket before just stepping out on the court and shooting jumpshots.


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