MLB Rotational Hitting Drills: One Arm Batting Exercises with the Back Hand (Video)

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     This is an inside look into a professional's training routine.  On this day, very small details are the focus.  These tendencies are developed in the batter's swing. Consistancy is what separates a professional baseball player from an amateur.  This is how to improve your baseball batting average with with one arm baseball hitting drills.  Using just the inside hand is a great way to hone in with greater detail on the complete rotation of your swing.

       Ideally, you want to get the bat down to the ball, so that by the time the bat makes contact with the baseball, the swing and the bat itself are level to the ball.  Many errors in a swing come from dropping the hands and the trailing shoulder causing dip in the movement and resulting in a looping type of swing.  Focusing on just the outside arm on the swing will ultimately allow keeping your hands inside the ball easier and will help eliminate you, the hitter, from swinging out long.  To improve your baseball batting average, you have to develop a powerful swing where you need your bat needs to swing quickly.  To do this, you need to lead with the rotation of your hips and core.  Only at the point of impact do you extend the hands, thus generating maximum power and better accuracy. 





Baseball Video Transcription:  Now I go to my backhand, and this is something that I've really had to work on, is my backhand. The tendency is now with your backhand, the quickest way to get the ball and the best way to get to the ball is just to chop down, almost like you're chopping wood. You take this hand right here, and the direct way to the ball is like that, but what ends up happening is you ending up chopping through balls and cutting balls; you either pop the ball straight up or you hit the ball straight down on the screen. You don't give yourself a good chance to get a hit like that. When the ball's going into the ground, it's a ground ball; guys field it, throw you out. If you hit the ball up in the air they catch it.


The ultimate goal of your swing is to hit a line drive. With working with my coaches and stuff like that, and developing my swing, the best way to do that is just to let the barrel come out in the same plane. With 2 hands, my swing is like this, and that's how the barrel comes out, and my hands go like that; I want to do the same thing with one hand. What I want to do is start rotating, rotating, rotating, and just kind of let the barrel fall into slot, in line with my shoulders. That's what I'm working on, is letting the barrel come out like this. Now I'm just rotating and the barrel comes out on its own, instead of me saying, "OK. I got to go straight to the ball." Now what I'm doing is chopping down on the ball and I get all these ground balls and fly balls. If I do just like this, if I get setup with 2 hands, now the barrel comes out. Now my barrel's level with a slightly upward angle to it, and now the ball starts going off on a line drive instead of being shot into the ground or up in the air.


I'll take the 5 balls with my bottom hand, 5 balls with my top hands, give or take, and then I'll put them together; the round is basically 15. Now what I'm trying to do is I'll have him flip the ball right down the middle and I want to just feel both of them working together into that same slot. That first round is basically just training both of my hands separately, and then together. All I'm really trying to do is just feel a good slot, a good bat path with it.


Then usually, I'll hit with a partner. You never really want to take all your swings right in a row because you get tired, and when you get tired your muscles get tired, and you start getting into bad habits. Usually, somebody will be rotating with me, doing not exactly the same rounds but similar rounds. He may not be doing 1-hand drills. He may just be taking a regular front toss or something like that; but you take a little bit of a break in between. The same thing with the tee; I'll go with a partner or a couple of people. They'll put the balls on the tee for me. I'll put the balls on the tee for them, and then we go back and forth. Neither one of us gets tired and we both get our work in. The next guy will go and then I'll come in for my second round.

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