How to Begin Taking Your Baseball Game to the Professional Level (Video)

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     The college baseball recruiting process, especially at the D1 baseball level, is an ultra competitive and often times confusing process for emerging young players from high school and AAU baseball.  Being prepared will help you tremendously throughout the process.



Baseball Video Transcription:  I think it’s hard because a lot of guys come into pro ball straight from high school and do well and have success, so I can’t say that there’s a big difference between some guys’ skill sets in high school and guys in college baseball and guys in pro ball because you look at guys like Alex Rodriguez andAndrew Jones that are reaching the big leagues at 19, and you get all these young guys and they’re good players, but I think a lot of it is hand eye coordination, but at the same time it’s a mental game. Even the difference between me and a big leaguer, I can do the same stuff that a Matt Holiday, like when I square the ball up, when I take my perfect swing, the ball flies 400 and some odd feet. The difference is they can do it on a more consistent basis than I do, and I think that is the main difference between high school to college, college to guys that are successful in pro ball, it’s just like anything else there’s going to be guys that get drafted that they think are going to be really good and wash out in pro ball or they think “we’re just taking a chance on him” and they end up being really good in pro ball. So what it is the consistency of it, everybody has the potential to hit the ball, hit the ball far, hit the ball well, and hit for a high average or else they wouldn’t have gotten drafted. At some point in their life they did something that made the scout say “wow we need this guy to come to our organization” or “we need this guy to come to our college.”


The difference is, in the guys that continue to move on are the guys that learn and absorb and continue to get better and get more consistent, there are just so many variables in baseball. You get guys on the mound that have 4 or 5 different pitches and they put them in different locations, over different spots. And then you got a guy behind the plate who’s supposed to be calling the ball right over the plate but he’s human so he’s going to make mistakes. I say this to people all the time, our game makes no sense, you’ve got a round ball and a round bat and they tell you to hit the ball square. How does that even work?


You have so many variables at play, that even if you do everything right, if I take a great swing at the right pitch and crush the baseball, like a line drive right up the middle, over the pitcher’s head that just keeps carrying, well if it carries out over to the center fielder, he’s going to catch it and I’m out. Say in basketball, I do everything right, I set up, get the a wide open look, I take the perfect shot, the basket is not moving. And it’s not like someone can jump up and swat it away when it gets to the basket. If you do everything right in basketball, you score the point. In baseball, it’s such a funny game, I’ve seen guys take a check swing and hit doubles. The guys that can be mentally tough, and stay consistent and not let things out there affect them are the ones that keep moving on. I think that’s the main difference is the mental side of the game and the ability to be consistent.



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