Pro Shooting Drills for Basketball: Fun Basketball Shooting Drills on the Move

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When you are trying to expand your comfort zone as a shooter, you should focus on making your weaknesses stronger. Take your shooting drills for basketball and focus more on fun basketball shooting drills on the move.  Shooting on the move is often times harder for players than shooting stationary. Many times, for shooters, expanding their comfort zone is to take their shooting accuracy and applying that same skill set for off the dribble and off the move jump shots. Do not rush into shooting off the move just to do it and think that it is going to help. Stick with the same routine and do daily. You should get around 200 shots inside close to work on form and touch, another 200 free throw shots, and then 5 spot set shots around the arc (2 pointers and 3 pointers) around 500 shots.


Once you have gone through this routine, begin adding off the moves shooting. Do drills going elbow to elbow, elbow to baseline, and back pedaling then running into your shot. There will be more complicated drills off of the move and dribble later on but these drills are done everyday in the pros and in college and need to be perfected. If you are not hitting 9 for 10, 10 for 10, and occasionally 8 for 10 from the field, then you are not ready to expand on these drills. You either are not in shape or have serious flaws in your form. 

 A Pro basketball player's daily shooting warm up routine.Remember, before shooting off of the move it is critical that you practice in close and do a proper warm up before moving on to off of the move.  A sample Pro Basketball Warmup would look like, or very similar to the following: 

A pro is getting a minimum of 200-250 shots up before even taking a jumpshot.  Often times, it is 250 shots in close before getting to the free throw line.  Then, there is another 150-200 before they go into their rhythmn jumpshot shooting.  Mind you, when you do go into your jumpshooting, it is going to be straight on jumpshots, where you are stepping forward, recieving the pass from the passer and your shoulders and feet are all already squared up. 





The advanced Elbow to Elbow Shooting drill.


The classic elbow to elbow.  Way too easy!  Let's see how accurate your shooting is when you are





tired, when you are covering more ground.  Set up a box or chair as an object that you must get around before getting to the opposite elbow.  Do not keep your passing partner waiting for fact, try to be there right in time.



elbow to baseline





Next is the elbow to baseline drills.  Hitting this shot from deep, and doing so consistently will only create more opportunities for you to score by driving to the hoop, due to forcing the defenders out, and also will give more room for your big man to go to work in the paint, thus making you an evern more valuable asset to a program.  However, it is important to remeber that if you cannot hit the shot accurately 10 for 10, 9 for 10 from 15 feet, you will absolutely not make it from 18, or 20 feet.  Covering more ground laterally in this drill often causes players problems because technique, footwork, and strength are even more important as the shooter must be positioned as efficiently and properly as possible to accurately knock it down on the pro level!






Five Spot Shooting with a backpedal.

Next basketball drill to work on shooting off of the move, is the 5 spot shooting with a backpedal.  You will be shooting 10 shots at each of the five spots.  Spot one is the baseline, Spot two is the wing, spot three is top of the arc, spot four is wing, and spot five is baseline.  In between each rep, you backpedal trying to cover as much ground in as few of strides as you can.  The change of speed and direction must be explosive as you shift to come back towards the basket.  Your hands should be out, giving the passer a target to pass the basketball, and your wrist must be flexed, fingers spread and ready to recieve the ball to go up for the shot.  Do not let your forward momentum carry you, you should go straight up and down on your actual shot.  










Ok, so you have seen it all I bet, right?  Well, this drill here is NO joke!  This determines if you are a REAL shooter.  You have exactly 3 efficient and well times steps to go from being on the opposite side of the hoop to get the 3 ball corner money shot off and in.  And I mean, it has to be fast.  All your momentum needs to instantly shift from one direction, i.e. headed towards the baseline, and in an efficient movement of the hips and turning of the feet, go into the oppisite direction for a squared up three point shot.  The key to this drill is to be turned and ready to shoot so that you are catching the ball already squared up towards the basket.  Have Fun...Work Hard....and Be Disciplined!

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